Wednesday, July 15, 2015

my mom could outwit Dr. Seuss anyday

We all know him, don't we? The master of rhymes, a man who probably started "the rap" idea of making up your own words. But it doesn't compare, none of it to what my mom did this past week....


So the other day...being yesterday my mother and I were walking through Walmart as mothers and daughters often do and I was telling her the woes of my life....just one, actually...I just don't understand sometimes.


my mother being the genius that she is said "You should've said..."
and started making as many rhymes to the word "great" as possible.
date, meditate, late, etc. it was quite the moment.
Sadly, with my lack of English since I dunno... 20 months ago, I can't remember the full poem, but with a few brightly colored pictures I'm sure she could go far.

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