bucket list

Get into the college of my choice
Serve a Full Time Mission
(18 glorious months in Mexico)
Plan A Dance
Study Abroad
Marry a worthy Young Man in the Temple
Go to every Disneyland in the world.
(Paris Disneyland)
Meet A BYU Basketball Star
Get a job
Go to a National Competition 
Travel the world
Go to the Rome, Italy Temple
Go to Lake Powell
Meet J.K. Rowling

Make a parody of a song
Become part of a college music group
Be on a game show (or at least go to one)
Be sung to by the Dapper Dans

Go to every state in the USA
Ride the Tower of Terror 
Learn another language fluently
(espaƱol, que bendiciĆ³n!) 
Be part of a flash mob
Learn to play the Uke
Go to NYC
See a play on Broadway
Own an old truck

Write in my journal everyday for 100 days
Vote for President
Go to a Oldies Concert (Journey, Stix, something along those lines)
Learn to Surf
Be part of a Humanitarian project
"Storm the Field" at a college football event

Drive on the Freeway
Have that perfect kiss (you know the knee pops, possibly in the rain)
Hike to the "Y"
Go to the Olympic Games